Continuous mixers, highly efficient and robust

Schematic presentation of a continuous mixer
Types of continuous mixers
Schematic presentation of a continuous mixer
Types of continuous mixers

As well as the area of clay-bound sands, the organic cold resin processes are a significant feature in the foundry. Furan resin is used as a binder for over 80 % of the forms and cores created using the cold resin process. The cold resin process is preferred for medium and large cast items up to 5 or more tonnes in weight. In core manufacture, cores between 50 and 10,000 kg are created using this process predominantly. In this case, continuous mixers are used as the sand mixers. The efficiency of mixing results from the fact that although individual forms and cores are created predominantly, these are significantly larger compared with forms made from bentonite sand.

The economy of this process is further enhanced by the ability to regenerate the furan sands simply, and to re-use them in the form process. A simple sand regeneration cycle can be built up using Webac continuous mixers and Webac regeneration plants.

We use hose pumps for the dosing hardeners (acids). In particular, pump parts which come into contact with the aggressive acids are subject to a high degree of wear. The pump hoses can be replaced without high expense, and this ensures a high durability for the dosing pumps.

Depending on the mixer requirements, we offer mixers with 1, 2, or 3 shafts. The common feature of all our mixers is that they have as long a mixing zone as possible. The rotational speed of the mixing shaft is designed to give optimum mixing of the sand with the binder components, while still taking into account the gentle treatment of the sand. Because the mixing shaft works with a relatively low rotational speed, the wear on the mixing basin and the mixing paddle is reduced at the same time.

Even through the mixer technology is similar for all our continuous mixers, the design of the mixer is tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

The mixers can be built as:

  • stationary mixers
  • stationary mixers with additional swivel arm
  • mobile mixers on tracks or
  • mobile mixers of gantry construction

As well as mixers, we also offer the complete range of equipment. This starts with sand and binder storage, and goes all the way to roller tracks for the transport of forms and smoothing equipment.