The best casting requires good sand

Figure of a sand preparation plant
Schematic diagram of a sand preparation plant

As well as a good moulding machine, the quality of the sand is crucial in determining the quality of the cast pieces.

Sand preparation serves to:

  • prepare the necessary amount of sand
  • screen out lumps and metallic impurities
  • homogenise the spent sand
  • freshen up the sand in response to the stress from the casting process
  • ensure exact additions of new sand, bentonite, coal dust, and filter dust, as well as the addition of water for cooling and moistening

We create an individualised layout according to the client’s wishes and the process requirements. The proposal is discussed with the client, and is adapted to his wishes. The result is an optimised tailored plant design.

We manufacture all key components of sand preparation ourselves, such as return sand coolers, form sand mixers, and polygonal screens. This way, we ensure that all the knowledge from our manufacturing and from the operating experience of our clients flows into the continuing further development of our products.