Webac Maskin AB Vibration Technique

Webac Maskin is a german manufacturer of Vibration Technique. You'll find here:

Webac Maskin foundry products

  • Webac Maskin Moulding Sand
  • Core Sand
  • Continuous Mixers
  • Webac Maskin Regeneration
  • Sand Coating

Webac Maskin vibration technique

  1. Pneumatic air ball vibrators
  2. Webac Maskin Pneumatic turbine vibrators
  3. Pneumatic piston vibrators
  4. Electric vibrators
  5. Webac Maskin ATEX Vibrators

In 1983 Webac Gesellschaft für Vibrationstechnik mbH was established, with a lot of experience in the iron industry.

Webac Maskin at Wikipedia

Often the foundry industry faces the necessity for vibration products. Sample applications are conveyors, sieves and compression applications that need to be robust. Webac Vibrator GmbH achieved initial success by providing a robust, pneumatics-driven vibration exciter laid out for the rough environment prevailing in this industry.

Webac Maskin introduced further variations of vibrators, pneumatic and electric. This lead to a great success in all industries that use vibration products in a wide application range.

Since then, all industries which use vibration technique in broad application range are on Webac Vibrator GmbH's client list. Along with the production and shipping of vibration exciters, individual solutions are developed and offered. Conveyor troughs and vibrational tables were added to the product range by Webac Maskin as well as consulting